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"A web designer is always desired by every client/customer who can present his/her imaginations or ideas completely with an impressive and attractive web design for the business."

Thanks to the technology of website designing, web world has become more exciting and vivid. Websites get more colorful attraction from web designing. Users are always demanding for well-managed and entertaining information and web designing makes it easy in real world. HTML5 is very basic and widely-used language for website designing as it provides prolonged support and clear and simple concept to design large, dynamic websites. HTML5 was started with an aim to stay up-to-date and to keep things compatible to ever-changing technologies. HTML5 can be implemented and learnt with ease in simple concepts. With HTML5, one can design impressive website which is both Google and user friendly.


Leading web design training institute in Gurgaon, IWT provides offline and online web designing training. Web designing is the requirement of modern web world by making representation of the business impressive and simple over the web..

With excellent web designers' team, IWT is offering the industry-specific environment for teaching web analysis and designing skills. Being a web designing training institute, we are renowned for dedicated trainers and their excellent and remarkable contribution in IT education.

In our web designing course, we are providing HTML5 Training with modern and basic open source platforms. We provide complete practical HTML Training on projects which are running in real time. We also offer best-in-class and up-to-date toolkit and study materials regarding open-source platforms in our HTML5 Training. Here you can learn more languages to stay ahead of competition on IT Industry.

"At IWT, we are providing web design training in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR and across the country in both online and offline modes. With excellent web design technologies, IWT is giving you wings to fly high and fulfill all your dreams with creative and innovative ideas."


  • Introduction
  • What is HTML?
  • Evolution of HTML5
  • Doctype declaration
  • Web browsers
  • Simple example
  • Editors
  • Different kind of editors
  • Notepad++
  • Basic page
  • Basic structure
  • Main elements
  • Block and inline elements
  • Basic elements with attributes
  • html tag
  • head tag
  • title tag
  • body tag
  • h1 to h6 tag (headline)
  • p tag (paragraph)
  • br tag
  • hr tag
  • comment tag
  • Formatting elements with attributes
  • address tag
  • blockquote tag
  • cite tag
  • strong tag
  • em tag (emphasis)
  • abbr tag (abbreviation or acronym)
  • code tag (computer code)
  • time tag
  • Lists elements with attributes
  • ul tag (unordered list)
  • ol tag (ordered list)
  • li tag (list item)
  • dl tag (definition list)
  • dt tag (definition term)
  • dd tag (definition data)
  • Styles and semantics elements with attributes
  • style tag
  • div tag
  • span tag
  • header tag
  • footer tag
  • main tag
  • section tag
  • article tag
  • aside tag
  • Meta info elements with attributes
  • head tag
  • meta tag
  • base tag
  • Other elements with attributes
  • iframe tag
  • img tag
  • figure tag
  • figcaption tag
  • audio tag
  • video tag
  • a tag
  • link tag
  • nav tag
  • script tag
  • pre tag
  • Global attributes
  • class attribute
  • id attribute
  • data-* attribute
  • lang attribute
  • style attribute
  • title attribute
  • Table
  • Simple table
  • Different table tags
  • colspan, rowspan attribute
  • Form
  • Simple form
  • label
  • input
  • checkbox
  • radiobox
  • input attributes
  • select
  • textarea
  • submit
  • fieldset, legend
  • Resources
  • Browser support resource
  • HTML5 markup resource
  • HTML5 validator
  • HTML5 new and deprecated elements source
  • Specification standard resource
  • Live project
  • Reviewing a website
  • Making a website
  • Best practices for writing HTML5
  • Troubleshooting
  • Test
  • Online quiz
  • Offline quiz
  • Developing a website