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"Photoshop is the most popular software in image editing."

Photoshop is the world most popular program where anyone can modify into already created image or graphics like photo. Photoshop is considered one of the leaders in photo editing software. It includes a lot of unique filters, special effect and tools, so that is reason editing in Photo is awesome in Photoshop.

"Photoshop software allows to manipulates, resize, crop, correct color on digital photos. This software is leading and most popular amongst of professional graphic & photographers. It is very useful and easy to redesigning images. By the Photoshop program photographers are able to edit image to the unmistakable needs and specification own client desires."


IWT institute is the best one in giving the Photoshop training in gurgaon. Our training institute is offering complete practical based Photoshop training in gurgaon and all over India. IWT Photoshop training in gurgaon covers all fundamental of this course, we also believe in giving high-end & finishing classes for student. We are leading & most popular institute in creating professionals Photoshop designers, who are service his services in national & international companies. This course is perfect for those people who want to do own wok as a freelancer.

"IWT training institue provides world class training with friendly environment, where student can understand easily all topics related to Photoshop training in gurgaon like how to make best out of raw photographs, Photoshop for Photographers, Layers, PSDS AND their significance in photographers workflow, Why curves and Histogram are important, Basic tools and appropriate usage, Composition, Brightness and constant, Popular tools of Photoshop etc."


  • Introduction
  • What is Photoshop
  • Uses of Photoshop
  • Interface
  • General interface
  • Menus, panels, toolbar
  • Preference (ruler to pixel)
  • Customizing panels and keyboard shortcuts
  • Saving custom workspace
  • Navigation
  • All about zoom
  • Panning
  • Navigator panel
  • Screen size
  • Tool Box
  • Move tool
  • Marquee tool
  • Lasso tool
  • Quick selection tool
  • Magic wand tool
  • Crop tool
  • Eyedropper tool, ruler tool
  • Brush tool
  • Eraser tool
  • Gradient tool
  • Pen tool
  • Type tool
  • Path selection tool
  • Shape tool
  • Hand tool
  • Zoom tool
  • Layers
  • About layers
  • Managing layers
  • Showing/Hiding layers
  • Panels
  • Adjustment panel
  • Color panel
  • Swatches panel
  • Colors
  • About Color
  • Foreground/background color
  • Color picker
  • Eyedropper tool to sample color
  • Working with swatches
  • Making Shapes
  • Rectangle/Square
  • Oval/Circle
  • Polygon/Star
  • Line
  • Custom Shape tool
  • Type
  • Typing text
  • Manipulating text
  • Text properties
  • Optimizing Images for Web
  • Save for web interface
  • Optimize as jpg
  • Optimize as png
  • Optimize as gif
  • Image as background