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"Internet is the best place and first preference of people for advertising your product or service to reach out large segment on-line audience."

People are connecting with social websites and their presence is growing on Internet strongly. People want everything get done in a jiffy in a certain period of timet. Google Adwords is the on-line advertising technique in which your product/service Ads will be visible in search engine pageresults(SERPs).The Google AdWords program has been wildly successful and is the online advertising outlet of choice for millions of advertisers.IWT provide the Google Adwrods training in such a way that the professionals can reach beyond the limit which may leads to generate more revenue. Google Adwords is the tool of Google search engine for paid visibility in search results. Google Adwords cost money for displaying Ads in search results and categorized as paid on-line marketing.

"Google Adwords increase your chance of visibility in search engine results and carry more oraganic traffic to your website and generate more revenue with little or none investment."


IWT a leading PPC training institute in Gurgaon offers step-by-step practical based PPC training. Our PPC course bundle contains Adwords Campaign to Bid management process. IWT provides world class up-to-date study material and toolkit to learn growing Google Adwords technology. Our PPC institute works on live projects to provides complete industry standard environment and experience of Google Adwords learning.

"IWT provide PPC training in both modes for distance learning for those professional who has very hectic schedule and regular classes for fresh students. We provide on-line ppc training in India and off-line PPC training in Gurgaon at affordable fee with live running Google Adwords projects."


  • PPC Training Module
  • Introduction to (PPC) Pay Per Click
  • Benefits and Significance of PPC
  • PPC Campaigning
  • Google Ad word Account Configuration
  • Many More ...
  • PPC Campaign
  • PPC Campaign Set-up
  • Utilize Manifold Accounts
  • PPC Advertising Routing
  • Use My Client Center -MCC
  • Click-Through-Rates-CTR's
  • Association of Impression
  • Acquaintance to Conversion
  • Knowledge of Cost-Conversion
  • Amplify CTR and Conversion
  • Tracking Code
  • Many More ...
  • PPC-Keyword Research
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • SEO-PPC keyword Difference
  • Significance of Aimed Keywords
  • Top Class Targeted Keywords
  • Competitors Keywords Analysis
  • Search Volume and Keywords Popularity
  • PPC Keyword Tools & Resourcese
  • Ad Creation for PPC Campaigning
  • Create Effective Ads Groups & Titles
  • Measurement of Title, Description & URL
  • Enhanced ROI from Creative Ads
  • Pre-Requisites of Effectual Ads
  • Bid Management in PPC
  • Importance of Bid
  • Significance of Bidding Techniques
  • Effects of Quality Score on Bids
  • Ways to Increase rankings
  • Ad position Bidding
  • Management of Bid
  • User Defined Bids
  • Google Automatic Bids
  • Competitor's Analysis for Bidding
  • Many More ...
  • Landing Page for PPC
  • PPC Landing Page
  • Landing Page Importance
  • Landing Page vs. Ads
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Click-through-Rates
  • Many More ...
  • PPC Reporting
  • Report-Keywords Performance
  • Report- Campaign Performance
  • Report- Ad group Performance
  • Report-Ad Performance
  • PPC Campaigning Tools
  • Google Ad word Preview Tools
  • Google Ad word Editor
  • Many More ...
  • Live Projects
  • Discussion of Projects
  • Analysis of Projects
  • Execution of Projects

Search Engines the effective creativity to solve the problem of searching for anything in this vast Internet world. User just needs to type its query in search box and quick response given to user for her requirements. Ads are also sponsored on Internet like other communication mediums, and search engines also support that. Google Adwords controls the Ads creation and display on SERPs pages. Google Adwords is the effective tool to advertise your product on Internet in low cost and at higher rank. Our leading Google Adwords training institute provides PPC training in Gurgaon to teach effective Ads creation and playing Ad bids to display your ads at low cost. Our practical PPC course includes easy steps to create campaigns and display ads at high ranks.