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"JavaScript is a light, open-source and most popular scripting language."

Website design makes your business/product presentation impressive on Internet by adding creative and user friendly look. Website design is implemented using most basic and up-to-date technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These website design technologies are supported and preferred by search engines to rank web pages high. Java Script puts life in the static website to make it more attractive and meaningful. JavaScript is a light and simple scripting language to create effective and impressive websites.

"JavaScript is most popular, light and open source scripting language for make website design attractive and search engine friendly. Search engine visibility is important in this technology era and JavaScript offers that environment for effective business websites."


IWT a popular website design training institute in Gurgaon offers complete practical based JavaScript training in Gurgaon and all over India. Our JavaScript training course is live project based and with deep explanation of theoretical concepts. Popularity of IWT as Java Script training institute is possible with dedication of JavaScript trainers and their great contribution in IT education. Industry standard environment and up-to-date study material for JavaScript training make you full of confidence and skills to troubleshoot real life website design challenges with great career opportunities in IT industry.

"Most popular website design training institute in Gurgaon offers on-line and off-line JavaScript training. We provide on-line JavaScript training in India and off-line JavaScript training in Gurgaon. Learn completely practical and live project based Java Script from IWT training institute and give wings to your ideas with great career opportunities in website design."

  • Introduction
  • What is Javascript
  • How to apply Javascript
  • DOM and Node
  • What is DOM
  • What is Node
  • Variables
  • What is a variable
  • Syntax of variable
  • Different data types of variables
  • Comments
  • Single line comments
  • Multi line comments
  • Operators
  • Add and concatenation operator
  • Subtract, multiple and divide operator
  • Assignment operator
  • Identity operator
  • Negation operator
  • Conditionals
  • What is conditional statement
  • if else conditional statement
  • Loops
  • While loop
  • for loop
  • Functions
  • What is a function
  • Syntax of a function
  • Function with parameter
  • Events
  • What is an event
  • Different types of event
  • How to use event to do something
  • Important syntax
  • Create element syntax
  • Create text node syntax
  • Getting and setting attribute syntax
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • What is jQuery
  • jQuery syntax
  • jQuery resource
  • Live project
  • Best practices
  • Making a image slider
  • Resources