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"Open-source and free technologies provides environment to contribute your ideas in society development."

Drupal is a open source and free content management technology used as back end technology for websites worldwide. It is also called as knowledge management framework. Drupal offers excellent web development environment without high technical skills. Drupal runs on mostly all platforms and supports all web servers and database technologies.


IWT is a prominent Drupal Training Institute in Gurgaon offers world class up-to-date Drupal training in Gurgaon and pan India. Our skilled Drupal trainers provide training throughly of Drupal concept by implementing practically. IWT offers completely practical based live project Drupal training to face real projects challenges. Popularity of IWT as Drupal Training institute is possible only by dedication towards work of our Drupal professionals and their contribution in IT education. IWT Drupal training course provide you opportunity to experience the need and implementation of Drupal in real life projects.

"Most popular Drupal training institute in Gurgaon offers superlative Drupal training in Gurgaon and pan India with latest world class study material. But we provides Drupal Training in both modes for distance learning professionals for working professionals and regular classroom students. IWT gives on-line Drupal training in pan India basis and Off-line Drupal training in Gurgaon and Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida. Learn new bench mark date Drupal technology and give wings to your ideas in web technologies."


  • What is a CMS? What is a social work
  • Looking at a basic Drupal page(Header, blocks, links, comments....)
  • Basic Site configuration
  • Site Information
  • Date and Time Information
  • Files Uploads
  • Clean URLs
  • Site Maintenance
  • Input Formats
  • Themes concepts
  • Content
  • Content Submission
  • Creating new content
  • CCK add-ons and field types
  • WYSIWYG in Drupal
  • Taxonomy
  • Views
  • Working with Media, images, video
  • Searching for Content
  • Comments
  • Users Administration
  • Create Roles
  • Registration
  • Editing users' details users
  • Site's structure
  • Modules (choose, download, install, configure)
  • Access Control
  • Menus
  • Blocks
  • Install Drupal
  • Installing new modules and themes
  • Drupal modules development
  • Introduction
  • How is Drupal built?
  • What is "Core"
  • Drupal's folder structure
  • The ever important sites folder /modules, sites/all/modules
  • Which one is used
  • Drupal's module weighting process
  • Basic structure of a module - .module, .info files
  • Tools and Rules
  • Drupal coding standards
  • Demonstration of API module
  • Writing secure code
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Devel and coder module
  • Hooks
  • We fishing or writing code?
  • Overview of what a hook is?
  • Demonstration of a hook
  • Simple module implementing hook_nodeapi
  • Naming conventions
  • Introduction to few important hooks
  • How to create your own hooks
  • Create Database
  • What if you need custom storage?
  • Adding a table in databased
  • Using the .install file for installation and updating
  • Forms API
  • FAPI, uugggh another acronym don't be scared FAPI is very good
  • Why use an API?
  • A simple form
  • Validating the form
  • Submitting the form
  • hook_form_alter() hooks for forms! the power!?!
  • Custom nodes
  • How to create a custom node
  • Why not just use CCK
  • A node module's tacklebox hook_load
  • Theming
  • the theme_ function and when to use
  • print vs. return
  • Live Projects
  • Full Discussion of Projects
  • Full Analysis of Projects
  • Execution of Projects